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How Much Is Too Much For An AC Repair?

There are times when you’re out buying supplies or gifts and you discover a price tag that you know is too high to justify. This can be easy to figure out when getting groceries, clothes, and household items. But it can be harder to figure out if the price of some other things is too high.

Determining if an AC repair in Southborough is too expensive is an important distinction to make. That’s because that price can tell you whether you need a new system or not. The price of your AC repair can be a warning that you need a system replacement instead. Here’s how to tell how much is too much for a system repair.

Watch Out For These Pricing Distinctions

The next time you need an air conditioner repair, see if the final price meets either of these distinctions:

The Rule of 5,000

For this one, you’ll need to know the age of your air conditioner too. The rule of 5,000 states that when the age of your system multiplied by the price of your repair bill equals 5,000 or more, then you need a replacement system. In practice this may look like this:

System age (10 years old) X repair price ($550) = 5,500

If you notice a sum like this example, then it is time to reach out for a system replacement because the price of your repair is too much to justify for a system that is this age or older.

Half the Price of a New Unit

The other defining factor that you need to remember is to consider if the price of your repair bill could pay for half or more of the price of a new system. This means that, if you received that $550 repair bill and your ideal system is about $1,000, then your money is better spent on an upgrade instead.

Other Indicators Of Trouble

A price tag for a repair that is too high is just one factor to remember when figuring out whether or not you need a new system. Other indicators that you should remember when trying to determine the difference include:

  • The age of your system: An AC that is 10-15 years old that needs an upgrade.
  • Your energy bills: Ever-increasing energy bills may indicate that your AC is losing its functionality.
  • Lack of comfort: After a certain point, no amount of maintenance or repairs will be enough to keep your AC functioning right.
  • Repair frequency: The need for yearly repairs is also a sign that your AC needs to be replaced.

Whether you need another air conditioner repair to get you through the summer, or you are in the market for a new air conditioner altogether, you can turn to our team for the services you need. We’ve served homes like yours for more than 25 years.

Contact the experts at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric to schedule your AC repair or replacement.

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