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3 Vital Components of a Furnace

Every single gas furnace requires the support of these three components. Without these components, a furnace could run into major problems or even start operating unsafely. With a gas furnace, there are a lot of things to consider in terms of safety and efficiency.

For starters, the system itself is burning gas in a chamber to heat your home’s air. That’s combustion, and as everyone is aware of, combustion can quickly become dangerous if there aren’t certain safety measures in place to monitor and contain it. Also, the gas that’s burning can release carbon monoxide which must be safely ventilated from your home.

All of this being said, your furnace isn’t designed to be unsafe. It’s only after neglect or emerging problems that your furnace can become unsafe. When this happens, call our team for heating repair in Southborough.

The Intricate Components of Your Furnace

Let’s first start with some data. Why is your furnace so safe to begin with, and why is an unsafe furnace such an unusual but unstable issue? Well, there are a lot of different components within your furnace that keep it running safely and securely. Let’s go over a few of them.

  1. The heat exchanger is a component that contains the combustion inside of it, separate from the breathable air in your home. As long as the heat exchanger is in good shape, you’ve got great protection from gas or fumes seeping into the breathable air of your house. This component is vital and one that is always checked during inspections.
  2. The air filter is a part of the furnace that filters out unwanted contaminants from getting inside the main chamber. This is important because dust, debris, pet dander, hair, and other things can gunk up the system and also burn as the unit gets hot. Luckily, the air filter is one of the only components in the whole system that we’d recommend a homeowner replace themselves.
  3. The port exhaust is an exhaust vent that sends out fumes like smoke and carbon monoxide away from your home and into the atmosphere. If this component leaks or gets clogged up from debris or ice, then it can be potentially hazardous to your home.

There are even more components we could talk about, but these three are just a starting point when learning more about the functionality of a furnace.

When to Choose Repairs

If any of the components we listed above break, then you might notice some strange and unsafe signals coming from your furnace. For starters, any foul odors can be attributed to leaking gas, smoke, or other byproducts from the combustion process that shouldn’t be in your home. We’d recommend turning the system off and calling for help immediately.

Carbon monoxide detectors are also a necessity if you have a gas furnace. These systems will catch when your system is leaking this dangerous gas, and they’ll give you a warning so you can get the problem addressed.

For immediate professional furnace help, contact Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric. We take comfort in YOUR comfort!

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