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Is Your Heater Acting Up?

This is the time of the year when you want your heater working at its best. Your heater may have other plans though. Over the years, regular use and age can combine to put added stress on your heating system. Ultimately, this can lead to repair needs.

If you need heater repairs in Worcester and Middlesex County you’ll want to reach out to an expert to get them taken care of sooner than later. Here are some of the warning signs that will alert you when it’s time to call for repairs.

Weak Airflow

How strong is the airflow that is exiting your vents? If there are one or more rooms in the home where you detect weaker airflow, it’s a good idea to have your system checked out. There could be problems with a blower fan or a leak in your ductwork causing weak airflow throughout your home.

Cold Spots

Perhaps you’re getting even airflow throughout the house but there are areas of the home that aren’t as warm as other rooms of your home. Or even worse–those rooms are downright cold. These cold spots indicate possible problems with your heater that are hindering the even heating of your home.

Short Cycling

Your heater turns on and then shuts back off within a few minutes. This is known as short cycling and it’s a serious problem in your heater that wrecks your efficiency and your comfort. Short cycling can be caused by electrical issues, overheating, or temperature detection issues. Whatever the cause, short cycling should be fixed because it can put a lot of strain on your system.

Noisy Operation

Has your heater started to make some new and unusual noises? Strange noises mean that your heater needs help. Rattling, clanging, hissing, buzzing, clicking, or screeching can all indicate different issues that require repairs to fix.

Higher Energy Bills

Your energy bills are a big indicator of what is going on within your heating system. While the price of energy has changed, it shouldn’t cause a huge spike in your energy bills, especially if you’re using your heater in a smart way. So, if your bill takes a big hike upwards out of nowhere that isn’t explained by increased pricing, we’d advise getting a diagnosis scheduled.

Odd Smells

A smelly heater is one that needs to be checked out. You may have burning electrical parts that are creating an acrid scent. Or you might have a leak that is allowing refrigerant to escape your heat pump or gas to escape your furnace. If something smells wrong, call us about it!

Repairs are always best done by a trained professional. That’s what our team is here for. We can arrive ready to diagnose the core problem and then address it in a timely manner. It’s good to know that we work with nearly every type of heater that’s available in our area too. We promise 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

Schedule your heater repairs with Landry Mechanical Inc. Proudly serving homes like yours since 2008.

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