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It Isn’t Too Late for Heater Maintenance

Maintenance can be the thing that makes a huge difference in keeping your home comfortable for a reasonable price this season. But maintenance is usually something that you want to think about for the fall season. So, now that we are headed into winter, you may think that it is too late to get this task done and you just have to hope your heater will make it until spring.

We are going to give you some good news: it isn’t too late to schedule maintenance! Heating maintenance in Worcester and Middlesex County can be done anytime in fall or winter as long as your heater is still in working order. So, as long as your heater is functional, you can still schedule that tune-up. Here’s why late maintenance is still very much worth your time and money.

3 Big Benefits of Maintenance … Even When It Is Late!

Late is better than never and that is especially true for maintenance. This is why you should reach out for your tune-up today rather than writing it off as a loss this year.

1. Better energy efficiency for more years

Who doesn’t love great energy efficiency? System efficiency is measured by how much energy is required to change the temperature of a square foot of space by one degree. When you schedule maintenance each year, it will ensure that your system works with optimal efficiency rather than losing up to 5% of its efficiency each year.

2. More effective operation with fewer struggles

When you schedule maintenance each year, it will also help your heater operate more effectively, keeping you warm as easily as possible. This is because the multi-point inspection that is completed during a maintenance appointment allows your technician to address a number of problems that would otherwise undermine the system’s ability to provide heat. Regular maintenance, even when late, will always help your system operate correctly.

3. Reduced number of repair needs

Looking forward to an ever-increasing number of repairs? If not then we’d strongly advise scheduling that tune-up! Yearly maintenance will prevent up to 85% of the possible repairs that your system could develop over the course of its lifespan. That also translates to a large amount of time and money saved.

Enjoy More Perks With the Landry Partner Plan

It is easy to see how and why yearly maintenance is so beneficial, even when it is a bit later than usual. With that said, if you are looking to make it easier to keep your tune-ups on track, you may want to consider signing up for a Landry Partner Plan. Our maintenance program will include a variety of benefits such as discounts on flat-rate repairs, priority scheduling, longer system lifespan, and better peace of mind.

Whether you are looking to get maintenance a little later this year than usual or you are interested in signing up for a Landry Partner Plan, you can reach out for assistance today.

Contact the experts at Landry Mechanical Inc for your tune-up. We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

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