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It’s Sump Pump Season!

Are you tired of turning on the light in your basement only to be greeted by several feet of floodwaters? It’s common here during the spring season as the snow finishes melting and the rain begins to fall. But it doesn’t have to be common.

Many homeowners already don’t deal with floodwaters in their basements, primarily because they utilize the powerful effect of a sump pump. These systems are great at keeping floodwaters at bay while you use your basement for other things like a game room, a man-cave, a she-shed, or even just for storing valuable family heirlooms.

The truth is that floodwaters can be a huge hassle and damage your home. With the help of a sump pump, you can stop them in their tracks and use your basement the way you want to. Let’s talk about how sump pumps work and why it’s such a vital plumbing service in Marlborough.

How a Sump Pump Works

Before we talk about the benefits of a sump pump, we need to discuss how the system works. It might sound crude, but just like for a lot of plumbing devices, a simple solution tends to work the best!

Sump pumps work in two ways–they must first funnel all of the floodwaters from your basement to one area, and then pump them out. The sump is what we call the component that gathers the water together, basically a drilled hole in your basement floor. Then, the pump is responsible for pushing the water out and away from your property so it doesn’t continue to flood it.

And voila! That’s basically how a sump pump works. They come in all different shapes and sizes (and require professional installation), but they do a great job of keeping your home safe from any flooding.

“Do I Need a Sump Pump?”

Now, if you’ve started asking yourself whether a sump pump is required in your home, then you’re in the right place. Here are just a few great reasons to invest in a sump pump.

  • Does your basement flood often? If your basement floods on a semi-regular basis (or even once a year), then you could definitely use a sump pump. Changing the number of times your basement floods to zero means that you can finally finish your basement and turn it into the room of your dreams.
  • Are you scared of your basement flooding at all? Some homeowners don’t want to finish their basements. They use it for precious storage, keeping things like family heirlooms, antique furniture, and even additional storage for a local business. This is important, and floodwater can be catastrophic in this situation. We’d advise investing in a sump pump if this sounds familiar.
  • Is your house below the water table? If your house is below the water table, then it’s practically always in danger of flooding, even if there’s not a water source nearby. Flash floods and huge rainstorms can come at any point and cause massive amounts of water to rush into your basement due to gravity.
  • Do you have a uniquely shaped home? Some homes are just uniquely shaped in a way that gravity tends to push water toward them. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a good reason to get a sump pump.

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