Emergency Service Available For Frozen Pipes In Westborough

Frozen pipes

Massachusetts can experience frigid winters that can lead to frozen pipes in the Westborough area. As plumbers in Westborough, we understand how this issue can be severe for your home and loved ones who need one of life's basic needs: water. Especially in the Massachusetts area, pipes can be hard to access with the weather or may need a team of individuals to solve a pipe issue in the winter season. Our plumbers are happy to be the go-to professionals to solve any of your frozen pipes. Like many plumbing repairs, Thawing a frozen pipe as a nonprofessional can take a lot of time and not guarantee any results. To a certain extent, if frozen pipes are not solved, it can lead to pipe bursting and damage to the plumbing system of your home. Frozen pipes can be concerning for any homeowner, and we can share tips to make sure a frozen pipes incident never occurs again in your home.

A few signs may underline a possible frozen pipe problem in the future, such as dripping water or lack of water from the faucet. Another sign that may display a possible frozen pipe circumstance is condensation in unheated areas of your house. These signs can show water in the process of freezing and expanding, leading to freezing and cracking your metal pipes. As Landry Mechanical Inc. professionals, we are equipped to fix your frozen pipes and are qualified to explain the necessary steps to our clients. But we also recommend specific actions our clients should never try before we arrive.

What Not To Do With Frozen Pipes

Every homeowner wants to solve every issue to make sure their home is in its best condition. Frozen pipes can cause many worries, not only about the lack of water but also about something significant like a bursting pipe. We recognize this deep appreciation and care for your home. As plumbers in the Westborough area, we aim to share this strong priority for your home with our solutions to thaw your frozen pipes. However, we discourage specific actions that can lead to danger in your own home. Two significant aspects we say to never use:

  • Blowtorch
  • Propane based open flame devices
  • Charcoal stove or kerosene heaters

These flame devices are a significant fire hazard. As professionals, we are glad to offer different alternatives before we arrive to fix your frozen pipes, but we strongly recommend never use these products as they may start a fire.


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