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HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services in Westborough, MA

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Quality HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services are worth their weight in gold—and our team offers them right here with flat rate pricing. Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric has been a reliable choice in the HVAC. plumbing, and electrical industries for years, and we’re on a mission to make the lives better of customers, both new and old, with 21st-century systems and affordable pricing structures. We want to make your home more comfortable and efficient, which means investing in staff training, being friendly to our customers, and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.

Schedule an appointment with the professionals at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric in Westborough. We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

Air Conditioning Service in Westborough

When temperatures reach the 90s and humidity levels are through the roof, you’ll want to get the best air conditioning services possible to remain comfortable and content. We service all AC systems, from heat pumps to central air conditioners, and we can even provide full system installations and replacements. Schedule an appointment today!

Heating in Westborough

Wintertime can be cold and unpredictable, so it helps to have a reliable heating system in great shape to keep you cozy. We can set you up with a new furnace, boiler, or heat pump unit that does an exceptional and energy-efficient job at keeping temperatures warm. We can work with customers in unique situations with old homes and any type of budget, just get in touch with our team to get started.

Indoor Air Quality in Westborough

The temperature of your indoor air is only one aspect of home comfort. Humidity, air quality, and even the biological contaminants that might be found will affect your daily life. Work with our team for air quality services and get high-tech systems like UV air purifiers and air filters installed.

Plumbing in Westborough

Drain and plumbing issues tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. Perhaps your toilet clogged while hosting a party, or your kitchen sink drain started leaking while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. These things happen, and it always helps to have a reliable plumbing professional on speed dial who can provide 24/7 emergency services when they’re needed.

Water Heater Service in Westborough

Do you depend on a tank water heater to get you through the day? Most Americans do, and these systems do a great job keeping water hot unless they run into problems. We provide fast and effective water heater service, installation, maintenance, and replacement for customers in need. Don’t hesitate to call our team for any water heater services you might need.

Electrical in Westborough

Electrical problems can take many forms. You might have lightbulbs or switches that mysteriously stop working, or perhaps your electrical panel needs a serious upgrade. These are common electrical problems that should only be addressed by licensed electricians who can complete them affordably and safely. Just call us and we’ll take it from here! Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric also provides whole home generators, car chargers, panel replacements, and more!

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