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Landry Maintenance Plan

Sign up for the Landry Premium Care Plan to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your home systems and give yourself better peace of mind in the process. We provide two plan tiers to ensure that everyone has an option that fits their needs and budget. When you work with our team for your maintenance needs, you’ll get our top-tier quality of workmanship and some added perks as well.

Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric Maintenance Plan

Available Options

Landry Premium Care Plan

$20 Per Month
  • Covered equipment includes: 1 gas/propane furnace or boiler, 1 A/C or heat pump, mini split heat ductless heat pump (1 outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor units. Additional indoor units must use add-on premium care plan)
  • Residential home's electrical systems up to 200 amp
  • Residential home's plumbing systems (tank flush service plan extra)

Landry Premium Care Membership Add-on's

Oil Burner Add-On

$15 Per Month
  • This service includes: Clean and vacuum exchanger, replace all wear oil wear parts, including nozzle, filter, strainer (Includes 1 filter, additional oil filter billed at $18.00), purge oil line, perform system startup, perform combustion test, adjust burner as required
  • Residential home's electrical systems up to 200 amp
  • Residential home's plumbing systems (tank flush service plan extra)

Plumbing Add-On

$10 Per Month (Tank-type only*)
  • Tank Type water heater flushes are $10 per month. This service includes: Drain & flush tank type water heater to extend life of heater
  • Tankless-type water heater flushes are billed in full at the time of service on a case-by-case basis due to the varying costs of different tankless water heater services

System Add-On

$15 Per Month
  • This plan is used for homes that have more than one furnace or more than one AC system. This plan has all the same features and benefits of our Landry Premium Care Plan
  • Additional gas/heat pump systems are $15/month

How to Sign-Up

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1. Choose Your Care Plan:

Choose from one of the plans listed above.

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2. Choose Your Add-Ons:

Have another system that needs some TLC? That’s what the Add-Ons are for.

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3. Fill Out a Contact Form

You know what you need so now is the time to reach out and let us know.

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4. Enjoy Better Comfort

Schedule your next maintenance visit and start reaping the rewards of regular tune-up provided by our expert technicians.

Benefits of Joining

Service plan customers receive the following benefits

  • 10% off of flat rate repairs for plumbing, heating, ac, and electrical (excluding installations)
  • Discounted emergency service rates for weekend and after hours service calls
  • Priority service when you have an emergency
  • $100 credit per year towards a qualifying system upgrade

**Service plans billed monthly cannot be canceled mid year, they would need to be canceled when they renew for a new year. Service plans automatically renew on the day they were purchased the following year

Plan now. Sign up today.

Interested in joining? Have a question? As soon as we receive your form, we’ll call you to schedule your first precision tune-up, and you’ll start saving money immediately!

Maintenance Made Easier With a Landry Premium Care Plan

Maintenance for your HVAC systems and your plumbing systems is highly important. This service can extend the lifespan of these systems and improve their performance during that time as well. We take comfort in Your Comfort which is why we provide comprehensive maintenance and beneficial care plans for homes throughout Worcester and Middlesex County.

Plumbing Maintenance

Leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues are always better caught sooner than later. Plumbing maintenance helps catch issues before they escalate and allow us to provide repairs early before your home is damaged. Annual plumbing inspections include:

  • Testing the water temperature at tap
  • Testing all emergency stops, tighten valve packaging (if applicable)
  • Flush of the water heater. *Ask your technician for details about sediment issues
  • Testing all toilets for proper operation and set water level
  • Checking that toilets are firm on the floor
  • Testing tub drains/stoppers
  • Visually inspecting exposed plumbing and gas connections
  • Testing expansion tank
  • Testing well wash
  • Inspecting washing machine hoses and valve connections

HVAC Maintenance

Getting annual maintenance for your AC and heater can help ensure that you can keep your home reliably comfortable and safe over the years. It also helps you save money on repairs by preventing them. This is what you can expect from our HVAC system inspection:

  • Test system operation
  • Check for proper zone operation
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Clean condensate trap
  • Amp test all motors
  • Test incoming voltage
  • Wash condenser from outside in *Complete chemical washes are available
  • Treat condensate pan with algaecide tablet
  • Check refrigerant levels (if applicable)
  • Test compressor start device
  • Check system delta T
  • Seal any exposed outdoor pipe wrap such as those at condenser
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Test expansion tank
  • Change owner-supplied air filters
  • Replace any worn-out parts (nozzle, filter, strainer) *Oil system only

Ready for comprehensive maintenance services you can trust? Contact Landry Mechanical Inc for your maintenance needs in Worcester and Middlesex County and the surrounding areas.

The Landry Maintenance Plan is a 12 month term and automatically renews annually on the anniversary date. Plans can not be canceled prior to the end of the 12 month term. 

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