How to Prepare Plumbing For Summer Time

May 28th, 2024
Summertime Sunset Scene with Beach Chairs and Palm Trees
Summertime Plumbing Issues? Just Call Landry!

Summer is a season of warm weather, family barbecues, and time spent in the outdoors. The kids are off from school, and that means more stress on your plumbing system.

With all the summer fun, it’s easy to forget about the importance of seasonal pipe inspection and preparation.

However, Pipe problems often arrive when you least expect them.

Here are just a few of the common problems we see in homes:

-Low Water Pressure

-Pipe Burst or Crack

-Running Toilet

-Clogged Toilet, Garbage Disposal, or Drain

-Leaky Faucets or Spigots

With our tips you can save money by preparing your plumbing system for Summer time

Prepare your Plumbing for Summer Time

Moldy, Wet Basement with Water Damage
Got Water In Your Basement? Better Make Sure Your Sump Pump Works Properly!

Make Sure Your Sump Pump Works Properly

Power up your sump pump and make sure it turns on. Then pour a bucket of water into it. If the pump is working it will process the water. This is important because of summer thunderstorms and flooding.

Sump Pump Pumping Basement Water
Landry Mechanical Specializes in Sump Pump Installation, Repair, and Replacement

If you don’t have a sump pump you should consider having us install one. If any part of your home is below ground level you will need one.

Thankfully, Landry Mechanical specializes in sump pump installation, repair, and replacement.

Inspect For Leaks

Long, harsh New England Winters can create massive plumbing problems you may not notice. Checking for leaks before or during Summer can give you the chance to fix problems before Winter returns.

Therefore, you should inspect all appliances and equipment that use water inside or outside your home. 

Here are some common areas/equipment you should check for leaks:


-Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

-Bathtub or Shower

-Water Heater

Outside or Underground Water Pipes

…In The Bathroom

For the toilet, put food coloring into the tank, Then, see if the coloring leaks into the bowl without flushing. If coloring leaks into the toilet bowl it may be a sign of worn down hardware that needs replacement.

Clogged Toilet? Landry Mechanical Offers an Array of Plumbing Services For Your Home

Next, try wiggling the toilet back and forth. If the floor feels soft it may indicate a leak between the wax seal and the toilet.

Finally, for the bathtub or shower, inspect the grout around the edge and make sure its secured tightly to the tile wall. Missing grout causes water to leak under the tub or other areas it shouldn’t.

…From the Water Heater

First, check water heaters for signs of rust, leakage, or external damage.

Then, look at the water heater and inspect the unit for corrosion, a flashlight will help you.

Lastly, run your hand along the base of the unit to see if you feel leaking water.

Rusty, Leaking Water Heater
Rusty Water Heaters are a common spot for leaks. Notice Rust? Just Call Landry

Water heaters often contain mineral deposits from hard water and will need occasional flushing.  Releasing a few gallons of water from the bottom of the tank can remove deposits from your system.

For other parts of the plumbing system, you can check the water meter to find unseen leaks.

Make sure nothing in your home is using water then jot down the numbers on your water meter.

Then, check the meter again in 15 minutes. If the numbers have changed there may be unseen leaks in your system.

If you notice that one of your lawn areas has become particularly saturated buried water pipes are to blame.

Luckily, Landry Mechanical has plumbing experts that are able to solve these plumbing problems.

They also offer fast video inspections to check pipes to diagnose issues unseen with the naked eye.

…and Don’t Forget the Sprinkler System!

Summer is a great season for checking your sprinkler system. Inspect and clean your sprinkler heads early in the season. If you see any damaged or rusted heads you should remove and replace them.

Sprinkler Head Not Flowing Properly? Landry Mechanical Can Help!

Run each sprinkler zone and observe where it releases water. The sprinklers shouldn’t hit your foundation or any part of the house.

Under Pressure?

Good water pressure is necessary for a healthy plumbing system.

You can check your household water pressure using a simple gauge.

The household standard is 40-45 pounds per square inch (psi) and shouldn’t be higher than 60psi.

Water Pressure Gauge for checking plumbing system pressure
Water Pressure Gauges are used to Check Plumbing System Water Pressure

Stop The Clogs!

Do you have a slow drain or weak toilet flush?

People commonly encounter routine clogs, and they can typically resolve them with a plunger or auger.

If you see a weak flush or grey water in your tub after a rain storm it’s time for a professional plumbing inspection.

Food or grease buildup can cause clogging in kitchen sinks.

You can try flushing it with hot water or with clog-clearing chemicals.

Plumbing Auger for Un-Clogging Toilets and Drains
Augers Like This One Are Helpful for Resolving Routine Clogs in Bathrooms

For bathroom sinks, hair may be the cause of clogs. Using hot water or chemicals can release the clogs.

Thankfully, If these methods fail, Landry Mechanical can help.

Here at Landry Mechanical, we want you to enjoy summer to its fullest. You can prevent plumbing problems in your home. 

If all else fails, contact us today! “We take comfort in YOUR comfort”

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Turning on the AC This Summer? Check This First!

May 20th, 2024

Summertime is almost here which means air conditioning season is closer than you think.

Often, homeowners in turn on their A/C system, and they think nothings wrong.


It no longer works in the midst of a heat wave or your usual cooling bill is WAY HIGHER than expected.

Then, it’s time to “Just Call Landry”

As HVAC experts, we know a bit of prevention goes a long way.

If you’re turning on the A/C this Summer check this first.

How Does Your System Sound?

Noisy A/C in Worcester or Middlesex County? “Just Call Landry”

When turning on your A/C system, pay attention to how it sounds.

Do you notice any strange noises like banging, squealing, or other harsh sounds coming from the unit?

This could be a sign of mechanical problems with your system.

Just recently in Framingham, we helped a homeowner replace their A/C after hearing squealing noises from their A/C. Landry Mechanical excels in providing top-notch Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Are Your Air Ducts Dusty?

Dusty Air Vents In Worcester or Middlesex County? Just Call Landry

When was the last time you had your air ducts professionally cleaned?

Most homeowners forget when they last had them cleaned.

Dirty or blacked air ducts can reduce your system’s airflow and efficiency.

Luckily, the Home Cooling experts at Landry Mechanical can keep your A/C running and your home cool this Summer.

Any Leaks or Condensation?

Leaks and condensation are terrible for A/C systems. Leaking water or excessive moisture can cause mold growth and water damage to your home.

Rusty residue from A/C Units are a sign of a broken AC system.

Often, Our Techs see mold and condensation on A/C units when visiting homes with faulty cooling.

Don’t wait for additional damage “Just Call Landry”

Is Your A/C Bill Too High?

Is your bill more than you expected?
Repair or Replace your A/C With Landry

With inflation at an all time high, it’s easy to ignore rising cooling bills. If your system isn’t cooling rooms like it used to, it may be time for a repair or replacement.

Fortunately, with Landry Maintenance Plans, you can reduce your current cooling costs, receive discounts on select services, and know your AC system runs properly.

How Does Landry Mechanical Keep You Cool This Summer?

Landry Mechanical excels in A/C maintenance, repair and replacement. Our dedicated staff of Cooling Experts are ready to assist you in making sure you stay cool this summer. With our in-house call center and emergency service available, trust Landry this summer with your A/C.

  • AC Installation: Proper installation of your AC ensures performance and longevity from the start. We ensure precise installation of your system.
  • AC Maintenance Services: Regular AC maintenance is important for preventing breakdowns, reducing energy cost, and keeping you cool. That’s why we recommend regular check-ups to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Air Conditioning Repair: No matter how reliable your AC is, occasional repairs are a reality. Our certified technicians can quickly fix any problems so you don’t have to wait in the hot weather for too long.

We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

Contact Landry Mechanical Inc. today and let us be your #1 AC company this Summer!

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