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HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services in Hopkinton, MA

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What if HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services could be simple, effective, and affordable in your local area? Well, they are when you go with the experts at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric. We’re on a mission to provide excellent HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services to customers with all budgets, no matter what it takes. Our team offers flat rate pricing, a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services and systems, and we’re even family-owned and operated so you know you can trust us. Sometimes, the choice isn’t very difficult when deciding who will be your next prospective HVAC, plumbing, and electrical provider.

Go with your gut on this one and choose Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric in Hopkinton, MA. We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

Air Conditioning Service in Hopkinton

We get hot summers here in Hopkinton, which means that a home practically requires an air conditioner in order to be comfortable and operate as a haven for you and your family. We provide fast and reliable AC repair services, as well as the installation and replacement of new units. Are you ready to dive into the installation of a heat pump or ductless mini split system? Then schedule an appointment today!

Heating in Hopkinton

Heating systems come in all shapes and sizes in our area. We depend on them for several months of the year, which is why our team works hard to repair gas furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and even steam systems. Schedule a maintenance appointment or a routine inspection if you’re concerned with the safety of your gas, oil, or heat pump system, so we can give you the green light for the months ahead.

Indoor Air Quality in Hopkinton

Air quality only starts with the temperature, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. New air purification systems and air filters can go a long way toward reducing the contaminants in your air. Try a UV air purifier that will irradiate biological contaminants like mold and viruses. Or, perhaps you’d like to use a humidifier during the winter to reduce congestion and to feel more comfortable. Either way, our team can help.

Plumbing in Hopkinton

A reliable plumber goes a long way in keeping your home comfortable and efficient. From removing drain clogs to fixing a leak, we can be that plumber you rely on day and night. We pride ourselves on offering 24/7 emergency services for customers who need help during holidays or weekends, and you’ll always be able to speak to a real-life human being when an issue arises.

Water Heater Service in Hopkinton

It can be easy to forget how much we depend on our water heating systems. From hot showers to our laundry, having access to hot water is a 21st-century necessity. That’s why we offer affordable and reliable water heater services in Hopkinton, MA. We can install a new tankless water heating system in your home, or fix that pesky leaking tank water heater that’s causing trouble.

Electrical in Hopkinton

From old homes to new, professional electrical work is almost unavoidable. Lighting systems can fail, wiring can fray and become damaged, and you might even experience old knob and tube wiring in your house that needs replacing. Our team does everything safely and by the book, so you can have the best results possible for a flat rate. Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric also provides whole home generators, car chargers, panel replacements, and more!

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