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5 Tips to Boost Your AC’s Efficiency

With summer peeking around the corner, we at Landry Mechanical Inc are all about ensuring your home stays cool without your AC breaking a sweat–or breaking the bank. Our specialty is air conditioning maintenance in Worcester, and we’re here to share five golden tips to ramp up your AC’s efficiency. Let’s dive in!

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

First things first, an AC that gets regular love and care from our EPA and NATE-certified techs is an AC that keeps its cool all summer long. Through our maintenance program, including the Landry Partner Plan, we offer homeowners across Worcester and Middlesex County a chance to boost their AC’s efficiency. Regular checks can prevent those “AC not cooling” moments and ensure you’re not calling us in a panic on the hottest day of the year. Plus, it’s a solid move for extending your AC system’s longevity in Massachusetts.

2. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

If your thermostat still thinks it’s living in the early 2000s, it’s time for an upgrade. Switching to a Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostat not only makes your life easier (hello, adjusting your AC from your phone) but also keeps your energy bills in check. These nifty devices learn your schedule and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. 

3. Install Energy-Efficient AC Units

Is your old AC unit chugging along and struggling on those really hot days? Maybe it’s constantly running, and you’re wondering why. It might be time to consider an upgrade. We specialize in Mitsubishi AC installation, Trane air conditioners, Bosch HVAC systems, Carrier AC units, and more. These energy-efficient beauties can save you a lot on your energy bills over time. Plus, with our free HVAC estimates and next-day HVAC installation options, switching to a more efficient model is a breeze.

4. Optimize Airflow and Insulation

Improving your home’s insulation and ensuring proper airflow can work wonders for your AC’s efficiency. Simple fixes like sealing up those drafty windows and doors, checking your ductwork, and making sure vents aren’t blocked can help. If you’re experiencing weakened airflow or your AC seems to be working harder than it should, our same-day AC service can sort that out, ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible.

5. Consider Ductless AC Systems for Targeted Cooling

Ductless AC systems are fantastic for older homes lacking ductwork or if you’re looking to cool specific areas. These systems are super efficient and can significantly reduce your energy consumption. Whether you’re looking to add a system to a new addition or want to improve cooling efficiency in your home, we’ve got you covered with options that offer both cooling and heating capabilities.

So, there you have it! Five tips to keep your AC humming efficiently all through the summer. Remember, at Landry Mechanical Inc, we’re all about 100% customer satisfaction HVAC. From free HVAC estimates to same-day AC service and next-day HVAC installations, we’re here to make sure your summer is cool and comfortable.

Whether you’re dealing with an AC not cooling, facing high energy bills, or simply looking for an upgrade with Mitsubishi AC installation or other top brands, we’re just a call away. Let us take care of you this summer because your comfort is our business. Cheers to a cool, efficient summer ahead!

Contact Landry Mechanical Inc for your air conditioning maintenance needs in Worcester, MA. We take comfort in YOUR comfort!

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