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5 Heating Tips for a Cold Spell

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

The cold weather is here, and as you can probably tell, it’s been pretty intense. Cold weather is hitting most of the country, but up here we’re a bit more used to it. Cold spells can come and go in the winter, but intense ones can be hard to shake off. As long as you’ve got a powerful heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable, you should be fine.

Whether you’ve got an energy-efficient heat pump or a gas furnace, efficiency and comfort should be the top priorities on your mind. These are going to be necessary to make it through the next dip in temperatures, and we’ve got a few tips that can help.

But remember–none of these tips can replace professional heating repairs in Worcester County, MA. Your heating system is the star quarterback of the team, and it requires its own professional attention by an HVAC technician. So, unless you know for a fact that your heating system is in good shape, call our team for support. Otherwise, keep reading for some tips.

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The Dangers of a Neglected Furnace

Monday, April 17th, 2023

Gas furnaces can scare some homeowners. It’s not really their fault, people get a scary image in their heads sometimes when they find out that a combustion system is burning gas in the basement or crawlspace of their home. What if something were to go wrong? What if the system accidentally started a fire in your house?

We want to start off by saying that everything is going to be fine. We don’t want any of our customers to panic, and we’re confident in almost all of the gas furnace technology in our industry. These systems are designed to run safely and effectively for a decade or more. However, a furnace can run into some problems that can make it unsafe if it doesn’t get the heating repair in Southborough that it so desperately needs.

Let’s discuss together some of the safety features of a gas furnace, and what can potentially go wrong if they’re left neglected.

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3 Vital Components of a Furnace

Monday, April 10th, 2023

Every single gas furnace requires the support of these three components. Without these components, a furnace could run into major problems or even start operating unsafely. With a gas furnace, there are a lot of things to consider in terms of safety and efficiency.

For starters, the system itself is burning gas in a chamber to heat your home’s air. That’s combustion, and as everyone is aware of, combustion can quickly become dangerous if there aren’t certain safety measures in place to monitor and contain it. Also, the gas that’s burning can release carbon monoxide which must be safely ventilated from your home.

All of this being said, your furnace isn’t designed to be unsafe. It’s only after neglect or emerging problems that your furnace can become unsafe. When this happens, call our team for heating repair in Southborough.

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