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From Window Unit to Central AC: The Big Change

Yep, it’s time we talked about that topic. You know, the one you may have been avoiding for months or even years. That itty bitty window AC unit or the multiple window units you use to keep your home comfortable throughout the summer are just not cutting it anymore. They’re energy inefficient, they’re not powerful enough, and they keep running into issues.

Instead of purchasing another set of window AC units, or even worse–a standalone mini-AC, it might be time to invest in a central air conditioner in Middlesex County.

We know, everyone sees money flying out of their wallets when they think about the investment cost of a central air conditioner. But in this new reality, with larger and better incentives on their way, a central AC might actually save you more money than you think!

Maximum Comfort: Minimum Energy Consumption

Let’s face it–a window air conditioner is just not very good for efficiency. They’re great for an apartment or a small space that doesn’t quite fit the criteria for a central AC unit (or even a ductless mini split), and they’re good if you’re on a shoestring budget, but they’re absolutely terrible for family homes and larger spaces.

What if you could improve both your home comfort and energy efficiency with one simple upgrade? That’s what a central air conditioner can do.

Central air conditioning systems cost more to install and use more energy than a window unit, but they offer vastly better cooling and are more efficient with the energy they use. This means that if you’re frustrated with the small amount of cooled space from your window AC, and could use an upgrade, a central air conditioning system is a great option.

Comfort for the Whole Family

There are many different rooms in your home. There are bedrooms, where AC is arguably needed the most. Then there are areas like media rooms and living rooms, where you watch movies together with the family. There’s the kitchen, the dining room, the basement… All of these are areas that we use on a pretty regular basis. This is why a central air conditioner is going to make such a huge difference compared to a window unit.

Window air conditioners are just not powerful enough to handle this load without using too much energy. Sure, you could install multiple window units throughout your home, but you’ll quickly find your electricity bill goes way above where it should be. A central air conditioner will surely cool your entire home while using as little energy as possible–a feat that window units just can’t achieve.

Better Technology: Better Results

But wait–there’s more! Central air conditioners aren’t the only whole-home systems you can choose from. There are heat pumps, and even ductless mini split units that can do wonders for a home of any size. These systems are also heaters so they can replace your furnace or other heating system if you’re ready for an upgrade in that area as well.

Here at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort! Schedule an appointment with us today.

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