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What Does My Air Filter Actually Do?

This is a great question, and one that could clear up a lot of misconceptions with our customers when it’s answered correctly. While yes, the air filter does positively impact your indoor air quality, that’s not its intended function. The air filter that fits in your air conditioner or heater’s return air duct is designed to keep things clean for the system itself, for a few reasons we’ll get to.

Changing the air filter on a regular basis has some huge benefits that you can take advantage of as well. For instance, you’ll see better energy efficiency, comfort, and a longer-lasting system if you change the filter every 1-3 months.

But when it comes to air conditioning in Middlesex County, you’ll want to know why you’re changing this component so frequently before you actually put it on your schedule. Let us help you with that down below.

Keep the Coils Clean

First things first, there’s one important job that an air filter does for your air conditioning system that relies on coils. These coils are sensitive and require immediate access to the surrounding atmosphere in order to work properly. They can also accumulate moisture through condensation, which can be bad when mixed with dust or dirt in the air. Simply put–a dirty coil that’s caked in debris or dust is going to work less effectively over a longer period of time.

Your air filter’s main goal is to protect these coils at all costs. These are some of the most expensive components of your air conditioner, and they’re also how the system cools the air in the first place. Even if you’ve got a heat pump that works in reverse, you’ll still need to rely on your air filter to keep these components clean.

Sure, we can clean the coils during a maintenance appointment, but that only goes so far. Only a well-placed air filter will protect these coils over the lifespan of the system. Otherwise, it can get covered in dust and be unable to have access to the atmosphere when trying to cool things down.

Keep Ductwork in Good Shape

Where does dust go when it cycles through your air conditioner? Right back into your air ducts and eventually your vents. This can cause problems since dusty air ducts will inhibit the flow of air and cause efficiency problems.

Your air conditioner can work harder trying to cool your home if the air ducts have too much dust and pet dander in them, which is another job of your air filter, to protect your air ducts.

Improve the Longevity of Your HVAC Technology

Your air filter protects the interior parts of your AC. We’re not just talking about the coils, we’re talking about every internal component of your air conditioner. From the sensitive electrical components to the evaporator coil, these components need to be free from dust otherwise they’ll break down sooner than you’d expect.

Get the longest lifespan possible from your AC by changing the air filter every 1-3 months. If that doesn’t help, schedule repairs with our team.

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