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It’s HVAC Maintenance Season in Massachusetts!

Aren’t we lucky to have all four seasons in full bloom here in Massachusetts? We just had a pretty intense summer, and now we finally get to see the leaves turn colors and the chillier temperatures come sweeping through. Get those jackets and sweatshirts ready, it’s time to be cozy!

However, there’s one topic we’d like to discuss before we get into more fall talk–and that’s maintenance. Maintenance might seem like an optional service that you can be just fine without, but that’s not really the case. And it’s during the most mild months like September and October, that we’ll try to inform our customers on the true benefits of this kind of service.

So, get cozy and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. It’s time to talk about maintenance in Worcester County, and why now is the perfect season for it.

Maintenance Keeps Things Running for Longer

What exactly is a maintenance club? It’s an agreement that you make with our team where you offer to pay a yearly charge in exchange for one or two appointments a year where a technician does the following.

  1. They inspect your comfort technology, ensuring everything is working as safely, efficiently, and easily as possible.
  2. They maintain the system, providing noticeable improvements, adjustments, and small repairs to keep things in good shape.
  3. They evaluate your HVAC system, giving you insights into how long it’s likely to last and what you can prepare for over the next few seasons.

This might not sound like a lot, but it’s extremely valuable information that you can use to make smart financial decisions for you and your family.

Better Comfort and Energy Efficiency

When the actual appointment occurs, you can hope to see better comfort and efficiency from your HVAC system.

No, the professional doesn’t fill it up with “efficiency juice” to make it run better, it’s more complicated than that. Maintenance ensures that your system doesn’t lose efficiency, which happens at a rate of about 5% per year you use the unit. So, with four years of maintenance, you could hope to keep 20% of your system’s efficiency that it would otherwise lose. This is money that would come right out of your pocket.

And many customers will tell you that they even feel more comfortable in their homes when their HVAC equipment is maintained.

Why Now?

September and October are the perfect months for maintenance. The temperature is finally mild enough that you might not rely so heavily on your air conditioner or heater, and our schedules are wide open before the winter hits.

This season is about being proactive and preparing for the holidays ahead. Maintenance is a great choice that will keep you comfortable and cozy all year long.

Schedule Maintenance Today

Our schedules are open and we’re standing by if you’d like to sign up for maintenance today. This valuable service can go a long way toward your home comfort and energy efficiency, and the more you invest in it, the more it pays back over time!

Contact Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, the largest locally and family-owned home services company in the area! We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

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