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No Heat: An Emergency To-Do List

Temperatures are starting to drop, which means it’s time for everyone to turn on their heating systems. But what if yours isn’t turning on or there’s something wrong with it that’s causing it to malfunction? This is extremely common and it’s something that we see on a regular basis. But that doesn’t make your home any less cold while you’re waiting for service.

The good news is that when you call our team you’ll get furnace service in Marlborough, MA–but it won’t happen instantly. Our team still has to schedule you in and drive to your house. And in certain situations, you might be the last person in a long line of people who are without heat that we’re all trying to help. We’ll get to you, but sometimes there is a bit of a waiting time before we can do anything.

Luckily, we’ve got this blog to help you out. While you wait for proper furnace service, here’s a handy list of tips.

Get a Time for an Appointment

Have you booked your appointment yet for furnace service? You might have left a voicemail or gotten an automated message from a service provider, but it’s never a bad thing to make sure that a human jots down your appointment time and gives you confirmation.

Get Your Home Ready for the Tech

When a furnace technician repairs your system, they’re going to need access to it. If the pathway down to your basement is blocked by old boxes or luggage, that is going to be difficult and it might take more time. Likewise, the area around your thermostat should be cleared so that your prospective technician can check that as well.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for your furnace besides preparing it for a professional technician. Anything beyond cleaning the system, turning it off, or replacing the air filter could be a safety hazard waiting to happen.

Stay Comfortable in Warm Clothing

It’s time to pull out those heavy sweatshirts and long underwear! Clothing can be a great way to remain comfortable on a chilly day since your body produces plenty of heat already. The more skin you can cover up with clothing, the easier it will be to retain heat and remain comfortable. Those long wool socks and extra-large sweatshirts will go a long way in making you feel good while you wait for a technician to arrive.

Hot Drinks and Food

There’s no better way to warm up on a chilly day than with some hot cocoa or a warm bowl of soup. These are ancient methods of keeping people warm and happy even when temperatures are too cold. We’d advise customers to consume these kinds of foods and drinks when they’re waiting for a technician. This is just not the best time to make a cold salad, and a hot cup of water or tea could be a great way to have a low-calorie but warm drink.

Schedule an appointment today with Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric. We’ll take good care of you.

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