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Are Heat Pumps Right For Massachusetts Homes?

Friday, March 1st, 2024
Ray Landry with 2 of his sons

Cold weather heat pump technology is now available with incentives and rebates through mass-save programs.

Many homeowners wonder, are heat pumps right for Massachusetts Homes?

Ray Landry is the President of Landry Mechanical Inc. A Massachusetts based heat pump, furnace, and electrical contractor with locations in Shrewsbury, Charlton, Framingham, and Millbury.

He shares his thoughts on heat pumps below:

“New England has always burned fossil fuels, because of our uncertain winters, and old drafty homes. Heat pump technology has improved to create better HVAC systems for homeowners in Worcester & Middlesex County, with increased efficiency”

Landry Mechanical Van and installer installing heat pump on home while snowing outside

“Heat pump technology has advanced, but doesn’t mean that heat pumps are the best option for everyone!” Ray comments.

These are the top 3 reasons your home may not be a good fit for heat pumps.

1. Homes with Major Drafts

Heat Map Image Showing Major Heat Loss In Home

“Homes with loose construction have more hourly air changes, and will require a warmer supply air temperature then heat pumps provide to “feel” warm. Plus, when the temperature falls, your system may not be able to provide adequate heat.” 

If you have a drafty home, don’t panic! A Mass-Save energy audit can set you on the right path to seal your dusty home! 

Our team fixed a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump in Shrewsbury, MA that a different contractor had installed. 

The chief complaint was the customers “were always feeling cold” even with the systems running all the time.

They struggled to reach 67 degrees indoors when outdoor temperatures dropped below 20 degrees. 

Cold Home Owner Bundled Up on couch Inside Cold House

During a test using an infrared camera, we discovered that the home had insufficient insulation. We determined this through a ‘J load’ test. After one of our home energy partners sealed the home, they solved the problem. 

The heat pumps are now the correct size for the home’s needs. Our clients will no longer need jackets in their living room. 

2. Homes With Leaky, or Undersized Duct Work

“Even the best HVAC system tied to a faulty duct layout will consume massive amounts of energy. Massachusetts has high electricity rates. Landry says that “improper design of a heat pump can lead to an expensive bill”

Therefore, an assessment of current ducting in place is important to make sure it’s adequate for supporting a new system. 

(By the way, just because the old system worked with a flawed duct system, doesn’t mean it was better before. New systems are less forgiving and lack the safety feature that shuts down when detecting improper duct work.)

3. The Electrical Service Is Not Large or Modern Enough to Support a Heat Pump Installation

DANGER Overloaded Electrical Panel

“Heat pumps use a substantial amount of electricity. You must connect a primary heat pump system to an electrical service that is at least 200 amps. Homes over 2500 square feet typically fall into a 400 amp service requirement.

Consider your electrical system, its amp draws, and electrical permits during your heat pump design. We often see contractors who don’t understand the electrical code, and connect to under-sized circuits & panels.

Landry Mechanical provides expert electrical services, and we can include electrical upgrades, in our heat pump proposals when required”

How Do I Determine If a Heat Pump Is Right For My Home?

1. Hire a Reputable HVAC Contractor

Landry Mechanical Comfort Advisor Walking Up To Home

Be sure to check reviews on sites like Google, Angie’s List, Homeadvisor, and the Better Business Bureau.  Landry Mechanical Inc offers plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Services. Our team of Comfort Advisors specialize in HVAC design and quotes. 

Our Comfort Advisors will evaluate your home, perform sizing calculations, and explain heating systems in great detail. 

Landry Mechanical Comfort Advisor Meeting With Homeowner

2. Determine ROI (Return on Investment) For Your Project

Don’t just buy a system because of a rebate!

Massachusetts has expensive electricity.

If you deactivate your current HVAC system, you won’t be able to use it in the future. Also, you won’t be able to take advantage of savings if fossil fuel costs decrease.

Landry Mechanical’s HVAC experts can determine your ROI, and the best options for your home.

3. Hire Your Contractor of Choice, and Book Your Installation!

Expect action around your home during the installation. Our teams drill holes for pipes and perform mechanical work both inside and outside your home. We test each system and complete a thorough start-up process.

Landry Mechanical Installer Working On Heat Pump System
Landry Mechanical Installer on Ladder Outside Installing Heat Pump System

Now the best part… What does all this cost?

Road sign that says How Much?

My Best Answer? It Varies!

Older homes in Westborough, MA will cost more to install a heat pump than newer homes in Shrewsbury, MA. A general (and broad) price range for HVAC installation cost (specifically heat pump installation in Massachusetts) is as follows:

Upgrading a central AC system to a modern heat pump can cost between $13,000 and $25,000. This price range exists because of the varying complexity of your homes’ electrical, duct work, and general infrastructure. A new ducted heat pump system installation in Holliston, Millbury, or Framingham, Massachusetts ranges from $35,000 to $65,000. Price can vary based on location, and various other factors.

Ductless heat pump installation costs in Massachusetts

A basic single room heat pump installation can cost as little as $7,000 and as much as $18,000 for complex projects. Multi zone systems can cost between $6,000 to $11,000 per zone. The price varies based on necessary electrical circuit or panel upgrades or lineset runs are long or complicated.

Massachusetts has different town or city regulations, building codes, and permits. This can add substantial costs in permit fees, inspections, and engineering. 

Mitsubishi Heat Pump System Outside House

I cannot stress enough to shop wisely during this process.  Prices differ wildly between contractors.

Price Variation is effected by the following:

-Varying Size of Internal Support

-Quality of Installation

-Staff Vs. Subcontractors

-Post-Install Warranty & Service

-Training Quality

-Tooling Used

-Overall Company Structure

Landry Mechanical is a top heat pump installer in Massachusetts. They offer free in-home consultations to homeowners in Worcester and Middlesex county.

As a Mass-Save licensed HPIN contractor, we can help navigate the Mass Save heat pump rebate and loan process. Landry focuses on heat pumps, oil and gas heating, plumbing, electrical work, water filtration, and drain cleaning services. One call truly does it all! 

Landry Mechanical Team Standing By Trucks

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5 Heating Tips for a Cold Spell

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

The cold weather is here, and as you can probably tell, it’s been pretty intense. Cold weather is hitting most of the country, but up here we’re a bit more used to it. Cold spells can come and go in the winter, but intense ones can be hard to shake off. As long as you’ve got a powerful heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable, you should be fine.

Whether you’ve got an energy-efficient heat pump or a gas furnace, efficiency and comfort should be the top priorities on your mind. These are going to be necessary to make it through the next dip in temperatures, and we’ve got a few tips that can help.

But remember–none of these tips can replace professional heating repairs in Worcester County, MA. Your heating system is the star quarterback of the team, and it requires its own professional attention by an HVAC technician. So, unless you know for a fact that your heating system is in good shape, call our team for support. Otherwise, keep reading for some tips.

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Is It Time for a Ductless System?

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Ductless has become quite the popular name for one of the most groundbreaking HVAC inventions in modern history. The ductless system, also known as the mini split or the ductless heat pump, is a particular kind of heat pump that is quickly changing the way people think about home comfort.

When most of our customers imagine a heating system, they picture a furnace or boiler, pumping water or air throughout your home and fueled by either gas or electricity. This is common (in fact, gas furnaces are the most common heating appliance in the country), but the trends are slowly starting to shift.

As people become more efficiency-minded and eco-focused, they’re looking for options that aren’t conventional. Heat pumps have been a great choice for a while, but until the invention of the ductless heat pump, they were a niche system that didn’t really fit most people.

Is it time for you to explore whether a ductless system in Middlesex County is right for your home? It might be, read on to learn more.

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Three Noises from a Malfunctioning Furnace

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Heating systems all over the country are on full blast right now as we face the brunt of some serious winter storms. That’s not changing for our neck of the woods, which is why your furnace needs all the help it can get.

If your furnace is in good shape and working perfectly, then congratulations! We’d like to take this moment to say that you’ve been an excellent furnace owner and you’ll be enjoying those rewards for the foreseeable future. But if your furnace is barely hanging on and making some pretty strange noises, then we’re here for you.

There are many different noises that signal furnace repair in Worcester County, MA but it would require multiple blog posts to go into each of them in detail. So we’re going to start with three of the most common noises that a malfunctioning furnace might make–and what they mean for you.

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Top Three Benefits of Maintenance

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Maintenance has so many benefits that you can take advantage of, but it’s hard to make a convincing argument out of that. What good is a thousand small advantages compared to one huge advantage that’s undeniable?

Well, good thing we’ve got you covered. This blog post is going to go into detail about heating maintenance in Southborough, MA and the top three reasons to get started with it.

When we say the “top three reasons,” we’re talking about things that are amazing advantages that are almost impossible to ignore. When you evaluate those advantages over skipping maintenance for a few saved bucks, it becomes clear that investing in heating maintenance is your best choice by far.

Let’s get started!

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Do You Need a Heat Pump Specialist for Repairs?

Monday, December 11th, 2023

All of a sudden, you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. You’ve called the same reliable technician to repair your furnace for years. Then it hits you, your furnace got replaced by a heat pump very recently. Can that trustworthy technician fix your heat pump when it runs into problems? Or are you going to need to search for someone else?

There are a few guidelines we can help you with when dealing with how tough it might feel to switch from one HVAC technician to another. Unfortunately, an older furnace technician might not have the tools or experience to handle a heat pump repair, depending on a few factors.

One silver lining is that you’ve got a team nearby that can service any heating system in the area, and that’s us! We do reliable heating repairs in Hopkinton, MA regardless of whether they’re for a heat pump, furnace, or another heating system. Our licenses and certifications give us the necessary training and equipment to handle these issues quickly and reliably.

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Which Heater Is Going to Be Your Next One?

Monday, November 6th, 2023

So you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your old heater is on its way out. This is never a fun thing to find out, and we apologize if it’s been a long and arduous road to get here. But we’d like to start this blog by telling you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a new heating system, your home will become more efficient and comfortable–and we’re not just saying that!

Heating systems have come a long way in the past 10-20 years. These units can run via natural gas or electricity and depending on what your personal preferences are, your home could be more comfortable than ever.

Today, we’re going to spotlight three unique heating systems and how they’re different from one another. Each heating installation in Southborough, MA represents a different way of approaching the heat in your home, and we’re confident that at least one of these will be the right fit for you.

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No Heat: An Emergency To-Do List

Monday, October 9th, 2023

Temperatures are starting to drop, which means it’s time for everyone to turn on their heating systems. But what if yours isn’t turning on or there’s something wrong with it that’s causing it to malfunction? This is extremely common and it’s something that we see on a regular basis. But that doesn’t make your home any less cold while you’re waiting for service.

The good news is that when you call our team you’ll get furnace service in Marlborough, MA–but it won’t happen instantly. Our team still has to schedule you in and drive to your house. And in certain situations, you might be the last person in a long line of people who are without heat that we’re all trying to help. We’ll get to you, but sometimes there is a bit of a waiting time before we can do anything.

Luckily, we’ve got this blog to help you out. While you wait for proper furnace service, here’s a handy list of tips.

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What Can You Get Out of Maintenance?

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Money doesn’t grow on trees. In fact, if it did, you wouldn’t need a blog post like this to figure out whether maintenance was worth the cost or not. People’s budgets are tighter, and with record inflation and kids going back to school, homeowners just don’t have that much money to spend on home appliances.

What point are we trying to make? We’d like to make a case for heating maintenance in Shrewsbury, MA, even if it seems like an “additional service.” It’s not additional or optional, no matter what other people tell you, and investing in this service might save you money later.

If you’d like to learn more about why heating maintenance can save you money and improve your home’s efficiency, then keep reading. We’ll focus today on what customers can hope to get when they sign up for maintenance.

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HVAC Tips for a Better Fall

Monday, September 18th, 2023

Last week we started the discussion on why maintenance during autumn is such a good idea, but the conversation doesn’t stop there! Maintenance is only one aspect of home comfort, and today we’re going to talk about some others.

First of all, not everyone is in the best position to get maintenance right now. In fact, your AC or heating system might require repairs more than it does maintenance, and that could be the best choice going forward. But even if you’re in a perfect situation and you just had maintenance done on your HVAC system, there’s still more that can be done.

We’ll make things quick–this blog post is going to be about some great ways that you can prepare for the cold weather ahead and where you might be able to save a bit of money in the future. Start with heating repairs in Marlborough, MA and take things step by step.

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