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Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Freshening Up Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is similar to you, it’s tired of the cold and windy temperatures that we are starting to emerge from. It’s worked so hard to keep your home warm and cozy from the holidays up to now, that it’s finally time to take a break.

While your HVAC system in Middlesex County might not enjoy a vacation to the Bahamas like you would, it still needs a little bit of TLC before the hot summer gets here. That’s exactly what we aim to do today with this blog post. We want to discuss a few tips for freshening up your HVAC system and keeping your home sparkly clean as temperatures finally warm up.

Get ready to open those windows and smell the fresh air! Your home will feel refreshed and better than ever when you follow these tips to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency.

A Step By Step Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring is a gradual season, as it starts frigid and snowy and ends with warm temperatures that lead into summer. This means that you’ve got time to plan, and you might not necessarily be able to fulfill all of these steps in one go. Take your time and make sure you call our team for any professional assistance.

  1. Inspect your system. Take a walk through your house and inspect the exterior parts of your HVAC system. We say exterior because these are the only components that can be cleaned or touched by a homeowner. Anything inside of your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner are off limits due to how sensitive and potentially hazardous they are. If you notice anything, from a dent in your air ducts to a dusty casing, make sure to take note so you can explain it to a professional when it’s being maintained.
  2. Change the air filter. Go ahead and change out the air filter. While we recommend this get done every 1-3 months, it’s always a good idea to start the new spring season off strong with a new air filter so you can get maximum results from your HVAC system.
  3. Clean around the indoor and outdoor cabinets. Dust and debris can be bad for your home’s comfort and efficiency. We recommend vacuuming or dusting around your HVAC system, as well as cleaning the area outside around the outdoor cabinet of your AC. These components require airflow and enough space to operate effectively.
  4. Open up the vents and clean them. Your vents need to have access to your home in order for them to keep things comfortable. Make sure no furniture or boxes are covering up your vents.
  5. Ensure your thermostat is set properly. When it starts to get warm, set your thermostat from “heating” mode to “cooling” mode so your HVAC system can adequately address your home comfort needs.
  6. Schedule repairs or maintenance. First, schedule a yearly maintenance appointment for your air conditioner before the summer arrives. Then, make sure you schedule any repairs if you notice something wrong.

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