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Don’t Overthink Your Plumbing System

Technology, especially the newest and most advanced tech, always sounds like a good idea. You can probably remember how your mind was blown when you were first introduced to smartphones almost twenty years ago. Sometimes, it just feels great to be ahead of the curve.

However, some parts of a home can’t really be innovated. The more you try to upgrade and change things, the more failure points you’re adding to an already pretty simple and revolutionized system. Plumbing can be one of those areas where overengineering can be the cause of serious issues.

For instance, you might be bored or unimpressed at the piping materials you see at a hardware store, or offered by our plumbing services in Southborough, MA. But before you try to innovate a new solution, remember that there are hundreds upon thousands of years of knowledge and engineering behind just a simple piece of copper or PVC.

Flexible Vs Hard Pipes

Flexible pipes were pretty revolutionary when they were first developed. They’re basically small metal pipe connectors all fitted together to create a seal that’s flexible. They’re amazing for your sink or toilet, basically any appliance that will be turned on and manipulated by human hands.

However, flexible pipes are not great to use for everything in your plumbing system. A licensed master plumber will know this, but someone who is trying to innovate and overengineer their plumbing system might decide to replace their old copper pipes with flexible lines in the basement. This is never a good idea.

For as convenient as flexible pipes are, they’re not as robust or long-lasting as copper or even PVC. They’ll quickly spring leaks, especially if they go through multiple gallons of water in an hour or day, and you’ll end up paying dearly for this kind of over-engineered decision.

Piping Materials

So, someone has introduced you to a new and cool plumbing material. That’s great! And we advise you to do your research on this material before making any changes or calling a plumbing professional.

However, there’s a reason why we use the materials we do (and we have for so long). Copper, for instance, is naturally anti-microbial, malleable, and sturdy enough to last 15 years or more without a hitch. PVC, likewise, is affordable and sturdy, making it a great second choice. These plumbing materials have been meticulously designed and engineered by scientists to be the best they can be. Make sure you choose a plumbing material that’s been well-researched and used commonly.

Always Use Gravity When Possible

There’s a saying we sometimes hear in many industries: Never fight gravity. It’s one of the strongest forces on the planet and it’s a huge waste of time and energy trying to fight it. No matter how hard you’d like to fly, jumping up and down just won’t make it happen. You’re better off buying flight tickets and heading to the airport.

Gravity is an important aspect of plumbing. Water always flows downwards from a high point to a low point. Sure, you can use a pump or pressure to pull water up and go against gravity, but usually these systems use electricity or a specific pressure set-up.

Here’s a thought–don’t set up your sewer line or drainage system on a floor other than the lowest one. This is why sewer lines and drains are found meeting in the basement. It’s the lowest possible point which means that gravity will help your drains clear out over time, and it forces drain clogs to be the ones fighting gravity, while we work with it.

Here at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort! Schedule a plumbing appointment with us today.

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