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Plumbing and Contamination: What You Can Do

Homeowners sometimes think that plumbing is as simple as getting freshwater to you and then draining wastewater in a straight line. But if this were the case, we’d be getting foul odors of the sewer, and our houses would be split by thick plumbing lines that run directly into the municipal sewer system. A straight plumbing line from one area to another is just not ideal in most cases.

So, we build out complex networks of pipes. Your water heater must connect to the plumbing system, alongside your water softener, your drains, and eventually your sewer or septic system. All of these work together to give you the lifestyle you enjoy. But when things go wrong, you could risk contaminating your water, food, and even getting sick. Hiring a professional for plumbing services in Holliston, MA might be the next best step for you.

Nifty Devices That Keep Things Safe

Thanks to modern science and innovation, there are some key things that protect your home from contamination.

The P-Trap, for instance, is an amazing little component of your plumbing system that allows for proper drainage from your kitchen or bathroom sink, while keeping noxious sewer gases from entering those spaces. By using liquid, gravity, and a little bit of pressure, contaminating gases and things that might make you sick are kept deep in your sewer while your drain flows smoothly.

Other devices include sewage pumps that help wastewater flow uphill against gravity or over long distances, and even valves that increase or decrease the pressure in a given pipe. All of these work together to keep contaminants in your sewer system while still giving you access to your whole plumbing system.

If any of these components aren’t working properly, like a leaking valve, a smelly P-Trap, or a broken pump, then you’ll need to call for professional plumbing repairs.

Leaks, Clogs, and Other Issues

Leaks and clogs can both be contamination hazards depending on how you look at them. A leak of contaminated wastewater could cause your basement to become unsanitary, or aid in the growth of a mold infestation. Even a freshwater leak could cause mildew to grow and do damage to your home.

Likewise, a clog can become a serious contamination problem if it’s allowed to go on too long. Sewer clogs, some of the most comprehensive clogging problems that can happen, can cause all of your first-floor drains to back up, allowing sewage to flow upwards due to a blockage. This will make certain sinks or tubs practically unusable, and require professional attention immediately.

Simply put–if wastewater isn’t flowing to your sewer properly, or if your plumbing system is leaking, call for repairs ASAP.

A Professional Can Handle It

These problems can all be complex and require multiple different approaches. This is why we highly recommend leaving it in the skilled hands of a master or journeyman plumber who has extensive training.

The experienced plumbers at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric can fix your plumbing problems in record time. Contact us today!

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