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Top Three Benefits of Maintenance

Maintenance has so many benefits that you can take advantage of, but it’s hard to make a convincing argument out of that. What good is a thousand small advantages compared to one huge advantage that’s undeniable?

Well, good thing we’ve got you covered. This blog post is going to go into detail about heating maintenance in Southborough, MA and the top three reasons to get started with it.

When we say the “top three reasons,” we’re talking about things that are amazing advantages that are almost impossible to ignore. When you evaluate those advantages over skipping maintenance for a few saved bucks, it becomes clear that investing in heating maintenance is your best choice by far.

Let’s get started!

Safety First!

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to your home and family. Think about it, what could come before making sure that everyone in your family is safe and happy? We’d argue nothing, and that’s why safety is going to be the main advantage you can hope to receive with a maintenance appointment.

If you’re the owner of a heating system, especially a gas furnace, then you’ll want to be absolutely sure that it’s running safely. Carbon monoxide accounts for nearly 400 deaths in the United States each year, mostly during the winter months from unsafe gas furnaces that don’t have proper ventilation.

Maintenance visits always include an inspection, which allows a professional technician to double-check your system and ensure that it’s operating safely. Otherwise, we’ll let you know and get right to fixing it before you need it again.

Improved Efficiency

Now that we’ve gotten safety out of the way, efficiency is going to be your next priority. Think about it, an efficient furnace runs at a lower cost to you each month since it’s consuming less fuel than one that’s inefficient. And efficiency is basically less waste, which is both good for your budget and the environment.

Maintenance has been proven to improve the efficiency of your system, and at least keep it at the high levels you were used to when you first invested in the unit. It’s estimated that a furnace will lose about 5% of its efficiency on average with each year. This amount compounds, leading to a 30% less efficient furnace after just 6 years.

Thankfully, maintenance nips this in the bud and keeps your furnace at peak efficiency rates throughout its entire lifespan.


Did someone say lifespan? The average lifespan of a forced-air heating system is 10-15 years. But what isn’t usually printed on the sticker when you purchase the system new is that this lifespan is only usually a result of yearly maintenance and upkeep. Your heater will likely last half as much if it’s neglected, and that can be an overestimation.

Maintenance buys you longevity with your system. The yearly inspections, adjustments, and even just the small repairs can buy a lot of time that your system would otherwise lose.

Contact our team today to schedule maintenance. Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric–we take comfort in YOUR comfort!

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