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The Three Worst Things for Your Drain

Life can be crazy. Not everyone is a licensed plumber and has the forethought to treat their drains perfectly with every use. From the kids dropping an action figure down the drain, to family members deciding paper towels belong in the drain instead of in the trash, these kinds of things can happen and they’re not really anyone’s fault.

Taking the blame out of the situation can be the first step towards fixing a problem that’s gotten out of hand. And if your drain is starting to slow down or clog up, then that problem is definitely in need of some help. Our team specializes in drain cleaning as well as plumbing repair in Millbury, MA. Whether you need a new drain entirely or your drain just needs to be cleared of clogging material, we can help.

But how exactly did it get this bad? How does a drain go from working perfectly one year to being completely clogged up in another? The answer might surprise you.

Three Clogging Nightmares

There are a lot of materials that mistakenly go into our drains, but many of them flow freely into the sewer systems and don’t stick around to become a problem. However, some materials can almost universally be bad for any drain, and they rarely just “go away” when they get flushed down.

Here are some of the worst materials to send down the drain, and why they can be bad.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds might seem like a simple thing that you can wash away in your kitchen sink. But anyone who has experienced coffee grounds being stuck in the drain can tell you that these little crumbs are a lot more of a problem than you might expect.

Coffee grounds will actually absorb water and expand. This can happen rapidly and even in the dark recesses of your drain, which means they’re the perfect material to clog things up and make your home less efficient.


Name a more iconic duo than bathroom drains and hair–seriously, it’s almost impossible to go about your day and not notice at least some hair being sent down your bathroom sink or kitchen drain. The problem is that hair can snag other materials that might travel down your drain, and ultimately cause you problems.

Make sure to throw out the majority of hair you find while cleaning or shaving. You’ll likely add months or years to the timeframe between drain cleanings because of this!

Toys, Paper Towels, and Other Objects

We know that as a parent, you can’t control everything your child does. Sometimes, they just want to see if the caped crusader will be able to survive an adventure in your home’s plumbing system. When this happens, don’t sweat it, just call a plumber for help.

It’s a good idea to reinforce with your kids that solid objects are not meant for the drain.

Drain Chemicals Won’t Help

Drain chemicals might sound like remedies to these problems, but they’re not. In actuality, drain chemicals should be added to this list, since they mostly do more harm than good.

Trust a licensed plumber to handle your drain cleaning needs. Contact the pros at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric. We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

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