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Which Heater Is Going to Be Your Next One?

So you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your old heater is on its way out. This is never a fun thing to find out, and we apologize if it’s been a long and arduous road to get here. But we’d like to start this blog by telling you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a new heating system, your home will become more efficient and comfortable–and we’re not just saying that!

Heating systems have come a long way in the past 10-20 years. These units can run via natural gas or electricity and depending on what your personal preferences are, your home could be more comfortable than ever.

Today, we’re going to spotlight three unique heating systems and how they’re different from one another. Each heating installation in Southborough, MA represents a different way of approaching the heat in your home, and we’re confident that at least one of these will be the right fit for you.

Evaluating Your Options

Moving on from one heating system to another can feel stressful. Reading blog after blog, or watching videos on each system, it can be hard to feel like you’re on the right path.

We’re going to cover three unique systems–furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Each is very different in its own way, but it’s important to remember that a licensed professional from our team will be your best resource in this stressful time. We’ll take care of you, no matter what your budget or personal needs are.

A Furnace

Furnaces work by heating the air in your home with either natural gas or electricity. A gas furnace uses an existing gas line to create a flame that warms your home even on the coldest days of the year.

Gas furnaces are powerful and efficient since natural gas prices are still low compared to electricity. These systems can also be extremely affordable, being the first choice for customers who are on a tight budget.

A Boiler

Boilers, also known as radiant heating systems, work to heat water that flows through pipes in your home. The water radiates heat, making your home feel comfortable on a chilly day.

Boilers are some of the oldest and most reliable heating systems we use. They can last upwards of 20 years (compared to the 10-15 years a heat pump or furnace might last), and they’re extremely durable. People also like the radiant heat that comes from them more often than the heat that comes from a furnace, since radiant heat moves through objects. The heat from a boiler can feel like the comfortable warmth of the sun!

A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are sleek, powerful, and energy-efficient–the whole package! A heat pump works like an air conditioner with the ability to function in reverse. This means you get cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, which is convenient if you’d like to upgrade your AC as well.

Heat pumps function via electricity, but they come in a variety of high HSPF2 ratings, meaning they’ll heat your home with a minimal amount of energy consumption. And, to top things off, they even come in ductless units that can circumvent your need to add ducts to your home!

At Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort! Schedule a heating installation with our experts today.

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