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3 Water Heater Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means folks are analyzing their budgets, fixing and cleaning things around the house, and generally preparing for the winter season. We hope that you’ve got some fun plans on the horizon to really make this year’s holiday season a special one.

However, one unsung hero that doesn’t get much attention during this season is the water heater. Water heaters in Worcester County are required for modern living, whether it’s showering, dishwashing, or even doing laundry. And if you’ve got family or friends staying over for the season who have traveled a lot, it might be getting an extra workout.

We’d like our customers to be prepared for this extra heavy lifting, so we’ve designed a few tips that should help ease that burden and keep it working for the rest of the season without any hiccups. And if you encounter any problems, you can always call our team!

1. Get the System Flushed Beforehand

Flushing a tank water heater can be a really good idea when going into a season with heavy usage. This allows the system to get rid of a lot of settled sediment and other built-up materials that might be impacting the system’s ability to keep water hot.

This, however, should not be done by a homeowner even if it seems simple enough. Even the smallest miscalculation or leak could cause a massive amount of water to end up inside of your home, which then needs to be cleaned up and dried off.

Our team can quickly and easily flush your system if that’s what’s required to prepare for the winter.

2. Invest in Additional Maintenance

Did you know that we can flush your hot water heater when we provide routine maintenance? Another great tip for the holiday season is to invest in maintenance beforehand.

Maintenance not only includes the flushing of the tank system, but also the cleaning of components, testing its efficiency, and more. With a maintenance appointment, we can fully inspect the unit and let you know if there are any problems on the horizon.

If it gets the green light from our technicians, then you know you’re in good shape for the holidays.

3. Limit Use of Hot Water

But wait, there’s more!

Even if your hot water heater is in good shape, it’ll still get used pretty heavily if you’ve got family members staying for the holidays. This is unavoidable and could risk your system getting overloaded and running out of hot water.

One easy way to reduce the burden on your water heater and to improve its usefulness overall is to monitor the hot water usage in your house. If one person is using too much hot water, you might end up with cold or lukewarm water when you’re doing dishes or trying to bathe.

If everyone only uses the minimum amount of hot water required (including short showers), then your water tank is less likely to get overwhelmed and risk a breakdown.

Here at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort! Schedule an appointment today.

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