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Does Your Water Heater Need to Be Flushed?

You’ve probably seen videos and online tutorials telling you to flush your water heater. They might be titled “Learn how to flush your water heater right now,” or “This is so easy, you can just do it yourself.” While we’re big proponents of DIY services, this might not be responsible advice that customers should follow blindly.

Water heaters are complex systems. They require maintenance on a regular basis. If they’re not maintained, then they could run into many different kinds of issues and lose efficiency over time.

This blog post is going to be a deep dive on flushing your water heater and the comparisons to investing in water heater maintenance in Worcester County. If you’re concerned about the condition of your water heating system, you might get a lot more out of scheduling a maintenance appointment than you would following an online tutorial about flushing your water heating system.

Is It Possible to Flush Your Water Heater?

Yes, flushing your water heater is a fairly straightforward process. It involves using a hose to remove all of the water in your water heating system, while simultaneously shutting off its access to water and its ability to heat it.

But, as we’ll mention down the line, this could be a bad idea for a number of different reasons if you’re not a trained technician.

The Benefits of Flushing Your Water Heater

Water heaters can suffer from layers of sediment forming on the bottom of the tank. The minerals that are normally dissolved in water, can solidify and coat the tank which can lead to issues with temperature regulation, efficiency, and even the lifespan of your system. Flushing the tank can remove a lot of these sediments that have solidified.

However, flushing a water heater won’t remove all of the sediments. Depending on how old the water heater is and your water, the problem might require a different solution.

The Argument Against Doing This on Your Own

So, here’s where we have to break the news. Flushing your water heater on your own might not be as easy, safe, or productive as those online tutorials make it out to be. Here’s why.

  • Safety. Most tutorials will talk about shutting your water heater off and letting it cool down before flushing it, but people can forget this step and burn themselves. Remember, this tank is full of very hot water that can hurt you and your family if you’re not careful.
  • Problems can get bad. If your water heater leaks water all over your floor, you could deal with a mold infestation pretty quickly. Likewise, leaking water can damage your home’s foundation, which is why this is not a job that can be messed up without serious consequences.
  • It’s only one solution out of many. Flushing your water heater is only one part of a broader sense of maintenance that’s required. Instead, leave this job for a professional when you schedule a maintenance appointment so you can get the full inspection, tune-up, and cleaning that’s required.

With Landry Mechanical Inc. Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort. Schedule water heater maintenance today.

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