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5 Heating Tips for a Cold Spell

The cold weather is here, and as you can probably tell, it’s been pretty intense. Cold weather is hitting most of the country, but up here we’re a bit more used to it. Cold spells can come and go in the winter, but intense ones can be hard to shake off. As long as you’ve got a powerful heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable, you should be fine.

Whether you’ve got an energy-efficient heat pump or a gas furnace, efficiency and comfort should be the top priorities on your mind. These are going to be necessary to make it through the next dip in temperatures, and we’ve got a few tips that can help.

But remember–none of these tips can replace professional heating repairs in Worcester County, MA. Your heating system is the star quarterback of the team, and it requires its own professional attention by an HVAC technician. So, unless you know for a fact that your heating system is in good shape, call our team for support. Otherwise, keep reading for some tips.

  1. Stay Moving

The cold can feel really cold when we’re staying sedentary for the majority of the day. Your body actually produces a lot of heat, but this is multiplied when doing exercise or any physical activity.

Don’t worry, you can get some excellent results by simply going for a walk or doing some yoga in your home. By moving even a little bit, stretching, and drinking water, you’ll produce more heat and feel more comfortable even with no change in the indoor temperature!

  1. Wear Layers

Layers are vital for getting through a cold spell. While your thermostat might be set to the high 60s, you’ll still get a draft every once in a while that feels a lot lower than that. These can impact you less if they’re obstructed by a large sweatshirt, sweatpants, or even wool socks. Not only are these layers comfortable, but they’ll keep you nice and cozy.

  1. Insulate!

Are there drafts coming from your doors or windows? It might finally be time to get those checked out. Insulation can be key to warming up your home since super-cold temperatures will sneak their way in through cracks and openings wherever they are. Even a slightly ajar back door will cause your heating bills to skyrocket if you’re not careful.

  1. Plants and Humidity

Plants can be a wonderful way to improve your mental and emotional health during an exceptionally cold winter. They’re a great mood booster, but they require warmth and humidity in the air. Luckily, that humidity (from a humidifier that we can get you set up with) will also help to retain heat in the atmosphere and keep you warm.

  1. Change the Air Filter

If you’ve got a forced-air heating system, do yourself a favor and change the air filter. This filter can catch dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants that would otherwise be cycling through your air. Over time, it will get clogged up and stifle your heating system so it doesn’t work as well. By cleaning it out or changing it, you’re giving your heating system a fresh start for the cold temperatures ahead.

Don’t worry, you can do this completely on your own!

With Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric, we take comfort in YOUR comfort. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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