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Why Your Water Heater Is Struggling

Water heaters can run into problems–it’s okay! A worn-down water heater is not a reflection on your or your lifestyle, it’s just something that happens to these systems after years of dutifully providing us with hot water. But if your water heater is newer than 8-12 years old, then it might be a serious problem that’s worth addressing professionally.

In the spirit of helping our customers, we’d like to do a breakdown on water heater service in Shrewsbury, MA. We’ll talk about why it’s such a valuable service when you start encountering the following problems. Remember, only a licensed professional should be repairing or maintaining your water heater. Otherwise, you’re in for some nasty surprises.

So, let’s get right to work on finding out why your water heater is struggling.

Old Age

If your water heater, as we mentioned earlier, is between 8-12 years of age (or beyond that) then it might be time for a replacement. Water heaters can undergo some serious stress over time since they literally hold several gallons of water every single day. This can corrode even the strongest materials over time, and it will cause your system to have trouble maintaining the water temperatures that you need.

If you’re unsure of your water heater’s age, we can figure that out for you. Just give our team a call and schedule an appointment.


As we mentioned before, corrosion is one of the most serious issues of a water heater that’s getting older. Even newer water heaters can suffer from corrosion.

The signs of corrosion are discoloration, poor temperature control, and leaking from the pipes connected to your water heater. This chemical process weakens the overall structure of your water heater and tends to cause it to fall apart quicker than normal.

While we might not be able to fix all corrosion issues, we can fix many of them by flushing the system and replacing the sacrificial anode rod.

Fuel or Energy Issues

Water heaters rely on some kind of heating appliance that keeps the water warm. In gas water heaters, it’s a gas burner. For electric systems, the water heater depends on an electric coil. We could go on, but you get the picture.

Many times, if you’re encountering a shortage of hot water, there could be a problem with the fuel or energy source of the system. This can only really be found with an expert diagnosis.

Lack of Maintenance

Water heaters require yearly maintenance in order to stand the test of time. Without maintenance, you could encounter all sorts of problems like leaks, corrosion, poor temperature control, and even a full system breakdown.

When a professional performs maintenance, they do many things. They inspect your water heater, flush it, and they even clean some of the pipes to make sure that holes or corrosion are easier to spot.

If you’re unsure as to whether your water heater has problems, or if it’s working as efficiently as it could be, then schedule this kind of service today.

Contact Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric. We take comfort in YOUR comfort.

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