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EV Charger Installation: Where to Start?


Electric vehicles are becoming more available and affordable after each and every year. We’re sure that many of our returning customers who are reading this blog post right now are driving them. But the truth is that charging stations just aren’t as widely available as gas stations at this point.

EV charging stations are being set up, both privately and publically, throughout the country at a record rate. This includes people setting up chargers in their very homes!

If you’re interested in setting up a charging port for your electric vehicle, or even for your hybrid, then we’d like to help you get started on your journey. Don’t worry, EV chargers in Worcester County, MA might seem complicated from the onset, but it’s really simple once you call our team. We’re proud to be the largest locally and family-owned home services company in the area!

Level 1 and 2 Chargers

In order to make the right call for an electrical upgrade in your home, we need to figure out what kind of charger needs to be installed at your house.

First, we’ll have to locate a place where the charger can be set up. This is easy, and we’ll just need to check your electrical panel to ensure it can handle the new load. Once that’s confirmed, we can get to work. A garage is an obvious place for a charger, but not everyone has a garage that can store an EV. So, we might end up using an outdoor charging port instead.

Then, we need to talk about the different kinds of chargers. Most charging ports we install will be level 2 chargers, which are 240v outlets (the same outlet your dryer uses) retrofitted to work for your car’s plug. These charge twice as fast as level one chargers, and depending on the electricity flow, they can charge your car to full overnight.

A level 1 charger is just a regular 120v outlet that you likely already have access to. If for some reason, a level 2 charger doesn’t work, we can ensure you’ve got an easy-to-access 120v outlet somewhere nearby so your car can at least charge when you need it to.

Fast Charging

Unfortunately, fast charging stations are only seen in public areas. These require DC current, which is unavailable to homeowners unless several extremely expensive changes are made to the home’s infrastructure. Plus, a level 2 charger is usually plenty of charging speed to get your car to full when you need it.

If that’s not enough, you can work with our team to locate nearby fast charging stations while we get you set up with a level 2 charger so you have maximum range when you need it.

Setting Up Your Home Safely

You might have seen tutorials online for turning a 240v outlet in your garage into a car charger. While it’s doable, we’d highly recommend hiring a professional for this work. Not only is it extremely dangerous if done improperly (these are high-voltage wires that can cause electrocution and fire), but you could risk your entire home’s electrical grid if you’re not careful.

Contact Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric to explore your EV charging options.

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