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Is It Time for a Ductless System?

Monday, January 15th, 2024

Ductless has become quite the popular name for one of the most groundbreaking HVAC inventions in modern history. The ductless system, also known as the mini split or the ductless heat pump, is a particular kind of heat pump that is quickly changing the way people think about home comfort.

When most of our customers imagine a heating system, they picture a furnace or boiler, pumping water or air throughout your home and fueled by either gas or electricity. This is common (in fact, gas furnaces are the most common heating appliance in the country), but the trends are slowly starting to shift.

As people become more efficiency-minded and eco-focused, they’re looking for options that aren’t conventional. Heat pumps have been a great choice for a while, but until the invention of the ductless heat pump, they were a niche system that didn’t really fit most people.

Is it time for you to explore whether a ductless system in Middlesex County is right for your home? It might be, read on to learn more.

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