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These Issues Indicate Electrical Panel Problems 

When electricity arrives at your house, it goes straight to your electrical panel. This is where it’s held and eventually distributed. Without the electrical panel, there would be no way to control how much electricity was sent to the different parts of your home, and trust us–that creates some dangerous situations.

Let’s be real, you likely have an electrical panel. However, an electrical panel that can’t handle your energy needs or is struggling with repairs is going to be dangerous too. Don’t wait for serious issues to arrive. Watch for any of these issues that your electrical panel is struggling with so you can schedule electrical panel repairs before you end up without power.

3 Signs Your Electrical Panel Is Hurting

If you notice any of these indicators, it’s best to have a professional look at your electrical panel to see if it needs repairs.

  • There are burn marks on the panel. When you have time, go out to take a visual look at your electrical panel. Do you notice any brown or black scorch marks on it? If so, make sure to reach out to a professional electrician to check and repair the panel as soon as possible. This may be damage from a surge or something else.
  • You find yourself facing regular circuit trips. When you’re dealing with circuit trips, you shouldn’t have to deal with this issue too often. If instead, you’re facing circuit trips almost every day, then it’s a likely indicator that something is wrong with your electrical panel.
  • There is physical damage to the panel. Maybe a nasty storm leads to a tree branch whacking your panel. Or perhaps your teenager backed the car into it. Physical damage can occur and we can get it fixed. If the damage is severe we can also offer a prompt replacement.

When To Opt For a Panel Replacement

For starters, anyone who’s still using a fuse box should replace it with an electrical panel. Fuse boxes are a hassle to manage and present a much higher risk of electrical fires. What’s more, they really aren’t able to handle the voltage that an electrical panel can.

Aside from this though, you should be able to determine when your current electrical panel needs an upgrade.

Age is a good way to tell if you should upgrade. Any panel older than 20 years is going to need to be replaced.

Another factor to look at is how effective your panel is. If you struggle with frequent circuit trips, it’s a likely sign that something is wrong or that your panel can’t handle your household’s electricity needs anymore.

Whether you feel sure that your electrical panel needs assistance or you could use a second opinion, you can come to Landry Mechanical to get the information and expert service you need.

We take comfort in YOUR comfort. Schedule your electrical services with Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric.

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