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7 Reasons to Service Your AC Unit More Often

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Even the best air conditioning units need maintenance from time to time. Lack of maintenance will make your AC struggle to function, leading to durability and energy efficiency problems. Cooling experts recommend servicing your home’s air conditioner at least once a year during spring. This way, you’ll ensure the unit is clean, all its parts are in great shape, and it’s operating optimally. During the fall season, your HVAC technician will mainly focus on your furnace or heater to ensure it’s ready for the cold season. Therefore, you should schedule AC maintenance when the weather warms up in the spring. During maintenance calls, your HVAC contractor will service your air conditioner, so it’s as ready as possible for the summer heat and humidity.

If your air conditioning unit gets serviced regularly, it’ll operate optimally and keep your living space comfortable. Even if the unit works properly, getting the service done annually is important. Your AC accumulates dirt and dust, which impacts its efficiency. During maintenance, the HVAC technicians will inspect, clean, and service all your air conditioning system parts. Here are reasons why servicing your air conditioner is important.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

Servicing your air conditioner will ensure it runs more efficiently. Dirty condenser coils, clogged air filters, and other problems will force your AC unit to work harder to cool your living space. As a result, the unit will use more energy during the process. Having an inefficient air conditioner will only increase your monthly electricity bills. According to statistics, your air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its efficiency yearly if you skip regular maintenance or fail to service it properly. Scheduling routine maintenance will boost AC efficiency, so your unit will consume less energy and perform better. Besides, it’ll also warm or cool your space much quicker.

2. Identify AC Problems in Time

You need to know that it’s not easy to identify air conditioner problems by looking at the system. During maintenance calls, your AC contractor will open up your system and perform a comprehensive inspection. This way, they’ll easily identify any internal issues before they worsen and cause more major and expensive AC repairs. Better still, by performing maintenance on the AC, there will be little to no room for problems to occur.

3. Improved Air Quality

AC air filters accumulate dirt, dust particles, and other air pollutants over time. Humidity issues can also encourage mold growth inside your AC unit, leading to the circulation of contaminated air in your living space. Poor air quality and allergens can lead to health problems, especially if some of your family members are asthmatic or suffer from allergic reactions. A well-maintained air conditioner will keep your house more comfortable and safer by maximizing cooling and controlling humidity. Get your unit serviced annually to eliminate impurities in your indoor air. This way, you’ll ensure your family breathes fresh air free of bacteria and other pollutants.

4. Enhanced Performance

There’s no point in investing in the best AC unit on the market if it’ll not run at maximum capacity. But regardless of the type of AC you have, it needs regular servicing. Performance and efficiency go hand in hand with minimizing your energy expenditure. The fewer problems your system has, the better it’ll work. Investing in a maintenance plan will enable your AC technician to identify and resolve minor problems, enabling your system to run at its full capacity. This way, you’ll increase system efficiency and lower energy expenses while cooling your home effectively.

5. Longer Lifespan

Like any other home appliance, regular maintenance will extend the service life of your air conditioner. The average lifespan of a good home AC unit is between 10 and 15 years. However, you must schedule regular maintenance to get the unit checked, cleaned, and serviced to get the most out of your system. Remember that one malfunctioning or faulty part in your AC can lead to stress on the other components. A qualified HVAC technician will help check your air conditioner, replace the damaged parts, make the necessary repairs, and lubricate the unit. This way, you’ll ensure the AC is running in good condition, extending its service life.

6. Saves the Environment

Air conditioner problems such as refrigerant leaks can create greenhouse gases or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HFCs), which destroy the ozone layer. These gases are extremely dangerous to the environment and contribute significantly to global warming. HVAC technicians can help recycle such gases from your machine. However, in most cases, some people are unaware that their air conditioners are leaking refrigerant if they don’t have air conditioner maintenance plans. Such leakage problems rarely happen when your air conditioning unit is timely and properly serviced. Besides, maintaining your AC system more often will minimize your carbon footprint.

7. Saves You Money and Time

While you may think cleaning and servicing your air conditioner is costly, you don’t know how costly it can get if you don’t identify and solve problems in time. Minor damages can become big problems if you fail to service your AC and replace or repair components soon enough. These issues will cost you a lot of money in the future. Therefore, invest in a good AC maintenance plan if you want to save money. Remember that preventive AC maintenance minimizes the need for unit repairs in the long run. It can help you avoid permanent AC damage that would cost you more since you’ll replace the entire unit.

Additionally, AC manufacturers and technicians require you to enroll in an AC maintenance program to keep your warranty valid. Therefore, you must schedule maintenance yearly to have your unit checked and well-maintained. Failure to comply will only void your warranty, which means more costs if your air conditioner fails or experiences performance issues due to a manufacturing flaw.

Lastly, an air conditioner consumes more power than other mechanical appliances in a home. When not serviced, air conditioning units can draw more power, increasing utility bills. Scheduling regular maintenance will go a long way in reducing your unit’s energy consumption. According to statistics, you can save up to 25% on monthly energy costs with an efficiently serviced unit.

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Make sure you get your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. Servicing your AC can help you avoid operational problems and premature breakdowns. However, the frequency at which your cooling system is maintained will depend on many factors, including its age, model, environment, and how often you use the unit. A properly serviced unit will enhance your air quality, increase efficiency, improve AC performance, and save money and time. Contact our cooling experts at Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric if you are looking for an AC maintenance plan that will keep your unit in good working condition while keeping your living space comfortable. These professionals have the training, expertise, tools, and industry experience to conduct a comprehensive inspection and service your AC to ensure it runs optimally and efficiently.

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