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22 Reasons Why Copper Is Used in Plumbing

Whether it’s replacing old pipes or building new ones, copper is often the material of choice for plumbing in Sutton. Copper is non-magnetic and doesn’t rust like other metals. Copper also offers a warmer water temperature, and its excellent conductivity means that hot water can reach all areas of your home faster. Copper pipes are so good at conducting heat that they are used to heat public swimming pools!

Finally, because copper is a soft metal, it can be bent easily, making installation quicker and cheaper than most other piping materials. Here are 22 reasons why copper is used in plumbing:

1. Easy Installation

The fact that copper tubes do not need soldering or brazing during installation simplifies the job further, making it a great choice for plumbers on a budget or beginners who want an easy-to-install fixture without too many complications.

2. Easy to Insulate

The resistance of copper makes it easy to seal and insulate without additional materials. Copper is an excellent choice for tankless water heaters and other heating systems where gas may be used as a backup during extreme temperatures.

3. Easy to Work With

Because of its unique malleability, copper piping is easy to handle and can be manipulated easily, even around corners or other complicated routes. Therefore, copper piping is not just a great choice for plumbing but also electrical work, air conditioning, and more.

4. Great Heat Conductor

Because copper is so malleable, it can be used to direct warm water to the furthest reaches of your home with ease. Furthermore, copper’s superior conductivity means that a hot water tank will heat up very quickly compared to tanks containing other metals. In return, this will reduce energy costs, lower your water bill and reduce strain on the water heating system.

5. Great for Gas Lines

Because copper is a great conductor of heat and non-magnetic, it is also used to connect natural gas lines. Copper tubing is often used in the majority of new construction to ensure reliable performance from water heaters, natural gas stoves, industrial furnaces, and other cooking appliances.

6. Longer Lasting

While it’s important to take proper care of all your plumbing components, copper pipes are highly durable. That’s why they’re commonly found in showers, sinks, water heaters, and other fixtures exposed to a lot of water.

7. Easier to Reuse

Because copper is such a soft metal, it can be easily recycled after it’s been used. Copper can be melted down and reformed into new products without losing quality. Many water heaters and other plumbing fixtures are made from recycled copper.

8. Resistant to Corrosion

Copper does not rust because it oxidizes quickly and forms a protective layer. This makes copper a great choice for outdoor plumbing, including outdoor fixtures, water fountains, and more. Copper is also found in many indoor plumbing products where it is used to prevent rusting down the line.

9. Aesthetically Pleasing

Copper is one of the most beautiful metals available. Its warm color makes it a popular choice for interior design, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms.

10. Non-magnetic

You won’t have to worry about powerful magnets affecting your pipes, which can cause irreparable damage to some other metal piping.

11. Durable

It is a durable material that will last for years if properly cared for. Many fixtures are 100 years or older, still working as well as the day it was installed.

12. Lightweight

As with most metals, copper weighs much less than water, so fittings are lighter, making them easier to install and reducing the amount of strain to components it may be connected to.

13. Low Maintenance Cost

Compared to other materials, copper is one of the easiest to maintain. This includes regular cleaning, which can prevent a build-up of mineral deposits and corrosion in your plumbing system.

14. Affordable

Copper is an affordable material that will make it cheaper for you to work on plumbing, especially if you are on a low budget for your bathroom renovation or remodeling.

15. Versatile

Whether it is for a small bathroom or a huge house, copper can be used for all installations. It is also perfect outdoors for preventing algae growth or other sediment build-ups. There are many ways to be used in a bathroom, including shower heads and wall panels. Together with their amazing aesthetics, they give a distinctive look to any bathroom.

16. Easy to Clean

Copper does not have hazardous chemicals or toxins in its design, making it safe for the environment and your plumbing lines. Cleaning all copper fittings is easy as well. You can wipe them down or use a soft cloth to prevent build up.

17. It Is Eco-Friendly

Although it is a metal, copper is free from toxic properties, which makes it safe for the environment while also allowing you to save money. Hence, copper is a wonderful choice for offering a variety of benefits to any plumbing project.

18. It Adds Value to Your Home

Copper adds value to your home because it increases the resale value. Home buyers often want copper plumbing in their new homes, so you can expect a higher return if you plan on selling in the future.

19. It Is Flexible

This explains why copper pipes and tubing are used in many commercial and residential cooling systems. The ability to bend easily helps make copper piping ideal for cooling systems, especially those with tight spaces. Copper is also desirable because it can be shaped when cold and holds its shape when it heats up.

20. It Is Non-Permeable

Copper is so great for plumbing because it does not affect the way water filters through. Because copper is a natural poison-resistant metal that won’t leach into the water. This feature makes copper an excellent choice for plumbing, especially in areas where water may be hard to treat, such as the home’s water supply.

21. Superior Strength

It has high tensile strength and through coiling, it can also be used to create strong and durable supports for furniture and other structures.

22. It Is Easy to Repair

Compare this with other types of tubing, which may become damaged or even break down over time due to their poor construction. With copper, though, you will have no trouble fixing any leaks or other damage that might occur.


If you are planning a significant project, it is highly recommended to hire a professional plumber to do all of the installation work. This will prevent mistakes that amateurs make, leading to costly repairs or further damage. Landry Mechanical Inc Plumbing HVAC & Electric has been serving Central and Metro West Massachusetts since 2008, boasting a full staffed office, warehouse and 15 highly trained technicians.

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